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Just a few months after the opening of the monobrand boutique in Calle Larga XXII Marzo in Venice, Barovier&Toso presents a new setting by inviting Nichetto Studio to envision a completely different scenario from the initial one.

If the “Flora&Flutter” installation, introduced in June 2023, was characterized by a garden of lush plants in intense liquid cedar-colored Venetian crystal, today it is ignited with bright orange, suggesting the theme of fire.

Through Nichetto Studio’s new “Burning Light” window theme, visitors are immersed in the fiery soul of Murano glassmaking, represented by a visual metaphor of the incandescent flames of the furnace.

A deconstructed chandelier – the iconic 4607, an example of Barovier&Toso’s exquisite craftsmanship – symbolizes the raw power of fire, used by skilled glassmakers to create their masterpieces. The elements in Venetian Crystal, meticulously blown one by one, are alive, radiating a kaleidoscope of reflected light behind an orange-red film placed entirely over the window.

Burning Light” therefore pays homage to the centuries-old artisanal mastery of Barovier&Toso and is a tribute to the spirit and passion that “burn” in the souls of the company’s masters.

The result is a captivating, eye-catching window display with a strong emotional impact.

How to visit or Boutique in Venice

we are a at walking distance from Piazza San Marco:

2424 Calle Larga XXII Marzo
30124 Venezia – Italia

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We will always welcome you, but you feel to contact us:

+39 0414062662



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